Miller Weldmaster constantly strives to help our customers change and grow their business. That’s why we’ve designed and developed PVC roofing membrane welders that are not only reliable, but also easy-to-use, so that you can take pride in your roofing craft. Plastic welding for roofing offers distinct advantages over other roof sealing methods including less leaks, easier maintenance and longer lifespan.

Miller Weldmaster is changing the way our customers do roofing. Contact us today to be part of this new direction.

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 Seamrover DD

A New Direction for Roofing Welding

The Seamrover DD’s dual direction and patent pending hammerhead nozzle makes this new hot air roofing welder the industry’s fastest and easiest to use. Use the Seamrover DD to weld long, straight consistent seams, utilizing the industry’s first innovation in welding either forward or backwards for reduced welding time and increased seam visibility.


High-Powered Hot Air Hand Tool for Membrane Adhesion

The ELITEAIR is a high-powered hot air hand tool for increased membrane adhesion. With accelerated warm up times to get you started almost immediately and a light weight, balanced design, the ELITEAIR will deliver solid performance all day long.